Take a walk on the weird side!

A spread of old Tarot Cards on a wooden tableThe cards have foretold your coming. You are here because the ordinary bores you. You seek adventure… unusual experiences… You want to step into the tales and become part of the story… and you are not afraid.

You are not the only one who has been led here. Many are looking for something strange and wonderful. We shall help you.

Chris Walden is the world’s first Paranormal Performance Artist. He combines his extraordinary skills as a storyteller with a genuine interest in the paranormal to create events that transport you into the world of imagination. Chris will transform your next event into a remarkable experience. Each occasion is unique, created specifically for the circumstance and people involved.

Witness the powers of the mind. Thrill to bizarre tales of magick and myth. Open the doorway to the spirit world. Reach out for the things that go bump in the night.

We are still unboxing our strange collection  for display. In the mean time call us at 512-996-9019 or email chris@fnweird.com to find out about our live entertainment offerings featuring:

  • Fortune Telling and psychic parties
  • Weird and haunted artifacts from the Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Bizarre theatre and magick
  • Tales of the uncanny
  • Ghostly encounters
  • Paranormal adventures

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