Halloween all year round


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about Halloween. It’s our favorite time of the year because it’s a time when we seem a little more normal. Just as ghosts don’t pack it in November 1 and Bigfoot doesn’t hibernate for 11 months out of the year, our thirst for the weird doesn’t evaporate when the candy goes on sale. (Note to self: the candy is about to go on sale.)

I know a number of people who are cosplayers.  They spend an extraordinary amount of time finding and altering clothing and accessories (which may include swords and futuristic weaponry) to create the perfect look. They absolutely glow when they put these things on and people recognize their awesomeness.

There are also friends in groups such as the SCA, Steampunk and other sorts of alternative communities where people live out the other person who lives inside of them. A number of people are deeply involved in Live Action Role Playing (LARP) and others just chill with a little bit of old-school role-play games like Dungeons and Dragons (or GURPS is pretty fun).

Of course, my friends in the Austin Horror Society are always looking for new (and classic) thrills and chills. Filmmaker and author friends like Gabrielle Faust spend all of their time crafting strange and wonderful worlds for us to explore.

Yes, tomorrow, Halloween will have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to go away until next year. You may be one of those people who carries it in your heart all year round. You may be one who revels as much in the ghosts of Christmas as others do in the carols. If so, then I toast you. You are a kindred spirit and a part of my own personal Addams family. I love you all!


Public appearances in October 2014

Photo of Saul Ravencraft reading someones palm at the spirit fair.Doc Saul Ravencraft will be telling fortunes for only $5 as part of the Halloween Celebration at Pioneer Farms on October 10-11, 17-18, 24. Tickets to the event are only $12. They are also playing on the 25th, but Doc has another engagement that night.

The event is fun for the whole family and gives you a preview of some of the places you might experience a Séance Show or other Paranormal Adventure if you are so bold.

Anyone who buys a $5 reading will also be entitled to $5 off of a more detailed reading at another time, so you’ll essentially get this one for free! Come by and say hello!