First ever predictions

It’s that time, when one year rolls over to another. 2013 fades into the past and 2014 looms into our future. In the video above you’ll see The Amazing Criswell’s immortal introduction to Plan 9 From Outer Space. Criswell was something else! He read minds and he made the most amazing predictions.

Criswell’s predictions are a matter of record. Yet I find them so inspiring that I have decided to, for the first time ever, make my own predictions for 2014. A small, green sage once said “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” So, let me gaze into my crystal ball and see what I see.

Chris_Walden-headshotI would like to do this as a dramatic video, but there wasn’t time to set that up this time. (Maybe next year!) Simply imagine me dramatically proclaiming:

I predict there will be more and more discoveries about the “fall out” from the Fukushima disaster. People will be affected but it will be difficult to prove the connection and the controversy will go on for some time.

I predict there will be an incredible breakthrough in energy that will promise to make electricity more available and cheaper. I sense the nature of the discovery will have something to do with batteries or energy storage.

I predict there will be a movement to repeal  the twenty-second amendment to the U. S. Constitution that limits the terms of the President in preparation to allow President Obama a 3rd term. There will be little progress in 2014, though it will get some attention.

I predict that Miley Sirus will have legal trouble as she continues to project her “bad girl” image. She will be changed as a result.

I predict there will be an announcement of the most expensive film ever produced.

I predict continued progress in legalizing gay marriage with more states joining on. There will also be more news about gay divorces and a television producer will propose a reality program about a gay divorce court.

I predict that locations that have previously suffered from drought will experience an over-abundance of rain.

I predict the government will attempt to prosecute a company for making its Internet services too secure.

That’s all that comes to me now. I’m pretty new to this. Maybe next year there will be more.

Happy New Year everyone!