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The Shadow Hour Archive – Ed Grimsley 5/6/2009

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UPDATE: 4/10/2014  When I began doing The Shadow Hour I was inspired by Art Bell and Coast to Coast AM. I really didn’t have a clear idea of how I was going to get guests. I didn’t have people. I wasn’t a name. I was just some dude with some passion and curiosity.

So, I started poking around in different directions for guests. I crafted a carefully worded email and sent it to a few people. For some reason I had put Ed Grimsley on that list. I had heard him in the past on Coast to Coast AM as he described how he observed UFOs through his high-end night vision googles. It was a long shot, but I figured I should get used to rejection now.

He calls. He calls the next day. He is interested in being on the show. My mind races. I’ve barely got one show under my belt at this point. I need to get better. I suggest that we book him a few weeks out, but he wants to get on as soon as he can to announce a project. So, my very second guest on The Shadow Hour was someone I had first heard on Coast to Coast AM… simply because I asked.  This would not be the last time I shared guests with that iconic late-night radio show and I repeatedly heard that they enjoyed interviewing with me.

This was also the first mysterious “did not record correctly” incident. This would happen from time to time. I would do the show but something happened on the Blogtalk Radio end and the show did not properly record. At the time I did not have a strategy for doing my own recordings. I do now. So, this is a partial episode.

I’m still clunky and clumsy with my weird news… but Ed is fun. Enjoy what we have.

Chris Walden

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By Chris Walden

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