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Shadow Hour Archive – Healing Energies with Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin – 1/26/2011

The Shadow HourUPDATE: 3/27/2015  Elizabeth contacted me recently about this interview and I was only too glad to expedite getting it up on the web. I have spoken to a number of energy workers and I find the topic fascinating. My own explorations into extra-sensory perceptions have been more vague. I do believe, however, that there are people who can and do detect and manipulate energies in ways that I cannot fully grasp. Enjoy! [cMw]

For years, shamans and healers have used energies to influence people who have disease and other afflictions.  Elizabeth Ohmer Pellegrin is a Reiki practitioner who will share her insights about these techniques and what they might mean to us.

See Elizabeth’s blog for some of her personal reflections.

Visit her web site at
Reiki Alliance Website:
Hear a radio interview with Phyllis Furumoto: — her grandmother brought Reiki to the west in the late 1930s from Japan
Office of the Grandmaster, Phyllis Furumoto

The  opening and closing themes for the Shadow Hour are from the piece Glassy Shadows by Adam Certamin Bownik and is available on Jamendo.

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