Party fortune telling

palmFor thousands of years mystics have claimed to tell things about people by reading the signs? Is it real? Who knows? It’s fun!

Everyone is curious about what will be seen in their hand, in their cards or other symbols. It’s fascinating. It’s uplifting. It’s mysterious. No one will receive doom and gloom, but encouraging messages about their own strengths and abilities to overcome their challenges.

pendulum_drawingIf palm reading or Tarot don’t fit your event, readings can be done with numbers, pendulums or even something exotic like steampunk gear casting. Readings do not express any kind of religious belief or try to urge your guests to any particular action. They are all about dreams and wishes.

If you’d like to give your guests a more hands-on experience, in addition to readings they can have a mini-workshop that tells them how to look at their own birthday, palm or pendulum.

Choose the reader that fits your event the best:

  • Christopher Michael is a modern reader who combines the old tools with current thinking about intuition and the powers of positive thinking.
  • Saul Ravencraft will bring a classic carnival feel with Victorian clothing and a mysterious ambiance.

Contact us now to see how to have this special attraction for your next party or event.