Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour Archive – World Premiere 4/29/2009

The Shadow HourUPDATE: 4/8/2014  On my recent interview with Joe Diamond on WLIP’s Unreal Radio we talked about my own time as a paranormal radio host with The Shadow Hour. I began this program in 2009 and did it as faithfully as I could for several years. It was a great experience and I do miss it.

Why did I stop? Honestly it was just difficult to keep it going by myself. The on-air time is only a portion of what is involved in putting together a program like that. I have to court and book the guests. I have to find interesting and weird news to share with people. I have to pre-interview guests, look into their information to know what we’re talking about. There were several hours each week devoted to making the show go. I enjoyed it, but it was overwhelming and costing me money rather than making me money.  So… I eventually had to flip the switch and economize on the money and the time. It was not a fun thing to do. Like I said…I miss it.

However, on April 29, 2009 I was entering into a whole new adventure. BlogTalk Radio was providing free Internet broadcasting with call-in capabilities. I was going to be able to give this whole thing a shot with no more investment than the time and energy. This was my first try.

The guest was Steve Busti, owner of the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. My own performance was a little rough. I made a poor choice in the theme song. It was edgy, but did not translate well across the phone system. Also, my approach to handling the weird news was stilted. I basically treated myself like a news reader and wrote copy based on the items I’d selected. I wouldn’t find out for a while that I could just riff on them. Thanks to the friends who helped point this out. I got better!

So, enjoy this blast from the past.

Chris Walden

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