Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour Archive – Don Dennis and TSPI – 5/27/2009

The Shadow HourUPDATE 4/22/2014  I love how this happened and the ripples it caused in my life. Now that I had some momentum with the program I was constantly looking for sources for news and guests. I had a collection of elaborate saved Google searches that helped me look for paranormal news that did not overlap with other things. (It was weird how many paranormal searches would collide with sports stories.)

In that news I found a story about a ghost investigation group who had arranged a cleanup day for a historic cemetery in Beaumont, Texas. Most of my exposure to “ghost hunters” was from television and I was really pleased to see a group who was showing such respect for the dead. I contacted Don and he was my first Ghost Group Guest. Of course, that wasn’t the end of the story… but I’ll save some of that for later. At this point neither one of us know what’s ahead.

Don and I are still in touch, by the way. He’s a good guy.

Chris Walden

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By Chris Walden

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