Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour Archive – Horror expert Professor Griffin talks about what scares us 6/24/2009

The Shadow HourUPDATE: 4/19/2015  This marked my first conversation with Joseph Fotinos, who portrayed horror host, Professor Griffin. Joseph is deeply passionate about horror and we share a lot of similar tastes. We ended up going into extra innings, with me trying to get the broadcasting tool to grant us more time on the fly… something I had never tried before. [Chris Walden]

Photo of Professor Grifinn with a canister of film spinning on top of his headTV horror host, Professor Griffin, talks to us about the history of horror and what scares us.  He is a treasure chest of horror film knowledge and should have some fun stories about the past, present and future of horror.

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 - GlassicismThe  opening and closing themes for the Shadow Hour are from the piece Glassy Shadows by Adam Certamin Bownik and is available on Jamendo.


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