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The Shadow Hour Archive – Ken Gerhard 5/13/2009

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UPDATE:  4/13/2014

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This third episode of The Shadow Hour connected me with cryptozoologist, Ken Gerhard, from San Antonio. It was also the first time that I used Glassy Shadows by Adam Certamen Bownik as the theme song. It broadcast much better than the grungy piece I used before and became a mental doorway through which I would pass as each broadcast began. No matter how harried I was feeling when I began that music everything would settle into place. It was amazing. If I started the show up again I would definitely still use it. I may even use it for some of my live paranormal programs

photo of Ken Gerhard
Ken Gerhard, Cryptozoologist

Of course, Ken Gerhard is an amazing fellow. He is deeply curious about animal mysteries and experienced with going out into the wild and hunting for them. It was a fun interview.

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