The Shadow Hour Archive – Ouija – 6/9/2010

The Shadow HourUPDATE: 4/13/2015  The Ouija™ board remains a very controversial subject. A favorite gateway to evil in horror movies and stories, it’s hard to imagine that anything good could come of these devices. In fact, I dug this episode out when Larry Flaxman, a periodic guest on the show, posted a question as to whether anyone had ever had positive experiences with these things. To my perspective, talking boards are tools. If you use them you should prepare them properly and use them with some care. Enjoy this decidedly different exploration of Ouija™ with my guests on this classic episode.

Chris Walden

Many people have strong feelings about the Ouija™ board. (Actually Ouija™ is a trademark for the product manufactured and sold by Parker Brothers, a toy and game company. The generic term is “talking board.”) Is it simply a game? It is manufactured by a toy company and sold in toy stores. Yet we are warned again and again that talking boards are doorways to dark entities, demons and our worst fears in the unseen world.

Tina Fiorda and Tilde Cameron have a different view of the subject. Their work, “A Book of Insight, ” not only discusses the talking board, but was authored in part through communication through such a device. It promises to be an unusual program which may change your view, or strengthen what you already believe.

Cover for "A Book of Insight"
You can check out Tilde’s and Tina’s work “A Book of Insight” through the Shadow Hour Store.
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