WMM – John Titor

These notes are supplemental to the World Magick Movement, January 2018 episode about John Titor.

Coast to Coast AM

In the conversation with S Rob, Saul talks about hearing of John Titor on Coast to Coast AM. Over the years, Coast to Coast has become, understandably, more aggressive about protecting their past episodes outside of subscription holders. It is hard to find good recordings of these episodes outside. If you are a subscriber you can easily find and review them. This link gives some idea of the discussions that happened. Here’s one we found… but who knows how long it will last?

Other interviews

Of course, Coast to Coast isn’t the only source. Here are some other interviews with people who researched and dealt with John Titor.



Web Sites

These sites provide information about Titor including original transcripts of his appearances in forums.

John Titor Wikipedia page – Interestingly, this page seems less pockmarked by debunkers than one typically sees on Wikipedia.

johntitor.com – long-standing web site with lots of information about Titor and coverage of his story


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